“After one visit to Arizona Manual Therapy center, my hip pain has decreased at least 75%!!! After 5+ years of debilitating pain, 4 different physicians (1 rehab doctor, a neurosurgeon and 2 orthopedists) a sport chiropractor and over 40 hours of physical therapy, my overall pain was at 6/10 on a daily basis … I was pretty much in a place of living with this pain for the rest of my life … it affected my sleep, my mood and even my work. A physician friend recommended Richard Sedillo and his team … Well, after the FIRST visit my pain decreased. I felt so weird, because I did not remember how it felt to be free of pain! Manual therapy is not the same as traditional physical therapy! It is more focused to the specifics of the patient issues and I am so happy it worked for me! Richard Sedillo and his team are simply awesome, they take great care of each of their patients in a super friendly and relaxed environment, while they apply their knowledge and experience in all kinds of patients. Overall, the whole team is kind, dedicated and super focused on your improvement. Thank you guys for taking me as a patient, and for showing me that life without pain is possible, even after long years of constant pain.” – Marilena 

“I am sending this message in recognition of the excellent treatment I received from Avery Griff in your Chandler office.  I began seeing Avery in late July for a shoulder injury that resulted in severe pain and very limited range of motion (full recovery in less than 3 weeks) and continued receiving treatment for hip/back injury when I ignored her advice and played in a golf tournament. Throughout the entire process I was truly blown away by Avery’s patient-centric approach to therapy. Her knowledge, compassion, determination, and willingness to flex her schedule to accommodate mine were both exemplary and refreshingly unique as compared to my experience with other providers; she even went so far as to personally coordinate Dr.’s appointments with her contacts (Eifler and Lee) as a supplement to her exceptional care.

“Although being injured is never fun, Avery actually made the healing process fun and educational. She is nothing short of amazing but something tells me you knew that already.” -Christian

“Avery is an excellent physical therapist. I would highly recommend her!!! She is very knowledgeable, caring and has a great positive attitude. They have helped me tremendously.”

– Denise 

“I am writing to let everyone know just how amazing Tara is. From my very first visit, she knew just where the issues in my neck and back were that caused my double vision and the treatment has been amazing. I’m so glad to have found this place after it took almost 2 years to receive proper treatment and would highly recommend AZMTC to anyone.” – Pamela

“I previously saw Avery for a shoulder issue in 2018-2019. I had not had any measurable progress until I made an appointment with Avery. Avery had a comprehensive plan to get me back to enjoying my favorite activities. Avery was able to explain to me the root cause of my injury/pain and help me to avoid it in the future. So, when my orthopedic doctor recommended physical therapy for my elbow tendonitis, there was no question who I was going to contact. I reached out to Avery and she was able to quickly get me scheduled. Over the last several weeks, I’ve worked with Avery and Holly to get back to normal. Avery and Holly are extremely professional, passionate and responsive to their patients’ needs/goals. My injury has improved drastically and I have these two wonderful women to thank!” – Michael

“AZ Manual Therapy Center is one of the finest physical therapy businesses you will ever encounter.  Richard, the owner, is dedicated to his patient’s needs and successful outcomes.  His assessments are spot on and his plan of care is designed to be the most efficient and effective for your individual needs.  Richard is very connected with physicians in the Valley.  As a healthcare professional myself, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend AZ Manual Therapy Centers for a positive physician therapy treatment and outcome.”- Pam 

“I’ve been to dozens of physical therapists and chiropractors over the years but AZMT is different and truly the only place that provided long-term relief. You get personalized care with a hands-on approach that accurately pinpoints the problem. It’s like magic! Richard has treated me for my neck, shoulder, TMJ and even my ankle. I can now play tennis, work out, do yoga and enjoy my life again. I can’t thank Richard enough for … identifying the underlying issues and fixing them! He’s the greatest!” – Jodi

“After seven years of taking narcotics to manage pain, I was about to have back surgery that I didn’t need. Thanks to Richard … I am now pain free and am off all meds. Richard and AZMT gave me a new lease on life. I will be forever grateful. – Jay

“Laurie takes a holistic approach and knows my body better than I do. But she goes way beyond just treating the immediate problem. We discussed my lifestyle and she made sure I learned how to carry out activities safely without straining my body. For example, my husband and I love to travel and I now know the best way to lift our luggage off the carousel. She also made sure that I understood what I needed to do to maintain my body’s proper alignment and how to recognize when problems are beginning to surface so I can come in and address them at an early stage before they become a serious issue. As in all professions there are people who are fabulous, good, OK and not-so-good. Laurie is one of the fabulous few who listens, provides a customized program, and educates and empowers her patients. I encourage everyone I know who needs physical therapy to go see Laurie.” – Louise

“Richard is like the doctor from the Marcus Welby days with a little black bag who will take the time to listen and research until he solves the problem. Out of dozens of doctors and healthcare professionals, he was the only one to find a hip impingement. He gave me my life back. I had no sleep and no quality of life. After 3 years of being inactive, I am back in the game and riding my motorcycle and am grateful beyond measure. Nothing can stop me now.” – Adele

According to 16-year-old MB’s mother, “Laurie is adept at working with dancers, which is why we chose Laurie for PT. She devises exercises for strengthening and pain relief that MB sees results from. Plus, Laurie is up-to-date on research to help her patients achieve peak performance. Laurie cares about her patients, and has become a real friend. She even comes to MB’s recitals and goes out of her way to accommodate her schedule. Laurie always lifts MB’s spirits, and reinforces MB’s confidence in her capabilities and limits.”

“Richard’s expertise is unparalleled. He knows the right questions to ask and his hands-on approach immediately enabled him to identify the root cause of the problem before my MRI or my doctors figured it out. Amazing! I am so grateful, I can’t even describe it. I never went to another physical therapist but I am so glad that I went to AZMT.” – Kathleen

“Laurie has a unique ability to figure out what’s causing a person’s pain as well as each individual’s pain threshold so she can determine how deeply she can work. She understands how to achieve the best results in the quickest time. She’s an amazing communicator and her treatment plan and exercises evolve as your recovery progresses. She never takes a cookie-cutter approach—each patient receives a customized plan based on their unique circumstances—and this extends beyond just the immediate medical problem. Frankly, anybody with access to Laurie who doesn’t use her is out of their mind.” – Scott

“Richard is the best! He helped me so much more than any chiropractor or Motrin did. Plus he made PT fun! If you are having pain, go see Richard — he will fix you – he is the BEST!” – Jackie, age 13

“Laurie has been a lifeline and a friend. Looking back, I realize how scared I was before we connected since nothing was working. She’s never let me down and I’m confident that we can handle any new problems that might surface. Plus, I wear a size 4 shoe, which can be very challenging, and Laurie is constantly on the lookout for shoes for me. She’s the best and I am so grateful to her for giving me back my life. She’s the only physical therapist I’d ever trust.” – Gloria

“How many ways can I say “Laurie Mackler is phenomenal”? When I began seeing her, my neck and upper back muscles were so tight I couldn’t even turn my head to either side. As you can imagine, this was not only quite painful- but dangerous while driving for example. She quickly identified the source of the problem and went right to work to fix it. Her extensive knowledge, professional physical therapy treatment and the training I’ve received as well have helped tremendously! I would recommend her to anyone. She’s a miracle worker!” – Kris

“I have been to several therapists in the past who I did not benefit from because of poor diagnosis or improper therapeutic activities. Richard is totally hands-on and manually works on my injured areas before I stretch and exercise. He is extremely knowledgeable about how I can improve and keep mobile. Other therapists did not take a dedicated, personal approach to working together. He is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with and highly recommend him.” – Lilli

“Richard, thank you for your work on my left drop foot today. What you did was great, please double it again on Thursday. I have not felt this good in two years … Even my wife noticed the difference after 48 years of marriage.” – Gordy