Richard Sedillo, PT, COMT

Richard Sedillo, PT, COMT (Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist), is passionate about making patients feel better.

Walk into Arizona Manual Therapy Centers and you'll often see (or hear) Richard encouraging a patient to go just a bit more to help them improve their strength, increase their range of motion or break through a plateau to help them achieve a full recovery. While ensuring each patient achieves the best outcome is the top priority, he always makes the process fun and enjoyable as well.

Key to Richard's approach is that he doesn't simply tell you what to do - he wants you to understand why you're doing it. When he develops a treatment plan he will go over it with you step-by-step, explaining the purpose of each component and the milestones you'll achieve together.

Richard has been providing this same level of personal involvement since he began practicing physical therapy in the Scottsdale area in 1995. During that time, he has treated everything from sprains and strains to the most difficult pain syndromes. This vast experience is invaluable when working with other healthcare professionals to develop personalized plans for each patient. It has also helped shape his belief in going beyond traditional stretches and exercises to deliver a more comprehensive and effective form of treatment.

Of course, with his professional golf background, Richard has a particular affinity for golfers and the many health and pain issues this seemingly sedate sport can create. After working with Richard, golfers are soon able to return to the links pain-free and typically hit with more distance. Richard also specializes in helping tennis players, dancers and athletes of all types quickly and efficiently resume activities. He also helps men and women of all ages return to work or to the active lifestyle they enjoy.

Richard earned his degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Minnesota, and completed his COMT certification from Maitland Australian Physiotherapy. He is licensed by the Arizona Board of Physical Therapy and is certified as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist - one of only five currently practicing in the Valley. Richard advances his knowledge with continuing education courses to learn new techniques to treat shoulder, neck, hip, back, ankle, knee injuries and more.

When he's not helping patients, Richard enjoys playing golf, dancing, cooking and gardening.

Laurie Mackler, PT

Ask her patients what they like best about working with Laurie Mackler, PT, and they'll tell you she makes every session fun. Laurie loves to laugh with her patients and engage them on a personal level to help them keep going even when they're ready to quit. She also takes Arizona Manual Therapy Centers' “hands-on” approach very literally, by manually guiding patients to demonstrate how to get the most out of each stretch or exercise and even working alongside them when they need it.

Laurie has been providing that same high level of enthusiasm and encouragement since she began working as a physical therapist in the Scottsdale area in 1985. While she covers all sorts of needs for men, women and teenagers, her specialties are outpatient orthopedics, spinal rehabilitation and sports medicine. She also has extensive experience treating neck and back problems caused by sports injuries, industrial and traffic accidents and everyday mishaps.

Laurie is always seeking new approaches to provide her patients with the best possible outcomes. She has accumulated many hours of continuing education courses to learn the latest techniques and treatments, and is always looking for new information to help her tailor more effective treatment plans.

When she's not at Arizona Manual Therapy Centers she enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, traveling and reading. This high level of activity helps her empathize with patients facing physical limitations, and motivates her to help them get back in action. She holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in upstate New York.

I went to Laurie at Arizona Manual Therapy last year and I'm back again this year for a different problem. She is fabulous. Always treating and teaching, to make you better at making yourself well. The staff are excellent, efficient and friendly. I won't ever go anywhere else.

-Bettye J.